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5 Ways Custom Built In Cabinets Add Value to Your Home

5 Ways Custom Built In Cabinets Add Value to Your Home

Are you thinking of upgrading your home? Are you looking to make the most out of your unused space? Or are you looking to increase the value of your home and attract buyers? Custom built in cabinets and furniture pieces offer a classic solution with many benefits. Including extra storage and making your home stand out from the rest.

What Are Custom Built-in Cabinets?

Built-ins are furniture that is permanently attached to the interior or exterior of a house. You’ll see built-ins in kitchen cabinets and bookcases. But there are many other options.

Custom built-ins allow for creativity and can be adapted to fit specific spaces in your home. During the design process, your cabinet maker will collaborate with you to provide the details and specifications that you require and to suggest any adjustments or additional ideas to make your vision a reality.

What Are My Other Options?

Built-ins are different from other freestanding or mobile furniture that isn’t attached to your home. You can’t pack your built-ins up and take them with you when you move houses, as you can with regular furniture. Built-ins add value to the home and provide benefits that are not available with regular furniture.

5 Benefits of Custom Built In Cabinets and Furniture Pieces

Benefit 1 – Add Extra Storage Space

One of the most popular reasons to install built-ins is to increase storage and organize a space lacking it. Built-ins offer many options for storing and displaying items you use frequently, as well as allowing you to display the things you want to see. Closed cabinets can be used to conceal things and add an appealing design element to any room.

Open shelving and enclosed cabinets in a home office provide organization for papers, books, and other office supplies. They also allow for the display of pictures, houseplants, and another decor. Built-ins can be used in closets to optimize space.

Custom built-ins allow you to create the storage and organization that you need. This custom cabinetry features many shelves behind cabinet doors and plenty of drawers to maximize organization. There is plenty of storage!

Benefit 2: Make Use of Unused Space

Built-ins can add functionality to spaces that would otherwise be unused. Aside from that, built-ins can make an otherwise boring space feel more welcoming. With a built-in seat, a blank wall can be transformed into a cozy place to read by adding a window. 

A built-in custom entertainment center can transform an empty space that was previously used as storage into a home theater.

One of our customers wanted to make the most of the space below their stairs so that he could install a wine bar and storage area. They now have a wonderful place to display and store their wine collection.

Benefit 3 – Built Ins Attract Potential Builders

Built-ins can be a great way for you to increase the value of your home if you don’t plan to live in it long-term. Also, built-ins can make your home more functional and welcoming, which is what buyers want. They add character and storage to homes and will make buyers feel relieved and not have to worry about having to buy new furniture or where to store their belongings. Built-ins can be an added bonus that encourages potential buyers to make an offer on your house.

However, it is important to not install built-ins just for the sake of increasing resale values. You can personalize your built-ins to suit your taste, but future buyers might see them as a problem. It’s not worth spending the extra money to install built-ins that will be torn apart by future homeowners. Potential buyers may be turned off by the extra effort and expense involved in removing built-ins.

There are several ways that your built-ins will attract buyers, rather than turning them away. You can add your built-ins to any room in the space. Also, make sure they are flexible enough to be able to adapt to future homeowners’ needs. You can also choose neutral colors such as white or gray, which appeal to the widest range of buyers. They are easy to match with furniture, decor, and other accessories.

Benefit 4 – Built Ins Add Personality

There are many ways that built-ins can enhance the character and personality of your home. You can make your home modern by adding a floating custom entertainment center or custom kitchen cabinets with handles and LED light strips. You have two options when it comes to paint: you can use bold colors to make a statement or choose something more neutral to give your home a modern look.

Benefit 5 – Built Ins Are Durable and Long Lasting

The longevity of a custom built-in cabinet is one of its greatest attributes. Custom-built cabinets are made from high-end materials that are meant to last for many years. They are also more durable than other types of cabinets because they are not made from cheap materials that can easily break down over time. When you add custom-built cabinets to your home, it will add value to your property because it makes it look more attractive and professional. Custom-built cabinets are much more durable than prefabricated cabinets because they are made specifically for each homeowner’s needs.

Ready to Add Custom Built-In Cabinets to Your Florida Home?

If you are interested in custom built-in cabinets adding storage space or a more interesting look to your home, having a consultation with a custom cabinet company like The French Refinery is the first step. Their Tampa cabinet makers will ask you about your needs and wants and give you information on custom cabinet options and pricing. After that, they can continue designing so you can choose the right look for your home.

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