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7 Benefits of Custom Cabinetry in Tampa FL

7 Benefits of Custom Cabinetry in Tampa FL

There are many benefits of having custom cabinetry in Tampa FL, including increased personalization and longer shelf life. While custom kitchen cabinets will cost more than semi-custom and stock cabinets, in some cases they can be worth the extra money. It is important to determine if custom cabinets in Tampa are worth the extra cost. 

Benefits of Custom Cabinetry in Tampa FL

Cabinetry is one of the most important parts of any kitchen remodel. Its presence adds beauty, function, and value to any home. Custom cabinets are highly in demand in Tampa FL as they help owners create an entirely unique kitchen that reflects their taste and personality.

1. Custom Cabinets Suite Any Style, Shape, Or Size of Your Space

Because they can be tailored to your style, preferences, cooking habits, storage needs, and unique kitchen shapes, custom cabinets are very sought-after. Stock cabinets are designed for the average person. However, they may not work for everyone. Custom cabinets in Tampa FL are a great option if you’re looking for innovative storage solutions that maximize space.

2. Cabinets Fit Any Kitchen

Are your kitchens odd in shapes, small or large? It is possible for your kitchen to be remodeled and the cabinets that you bought do not fit correctly. This can cause a delay in the kitchen remodeling process of several months. Custom cabinets are made to your kitchen dimensions so this is not an issue.

3. You Can Choose the Materials

You can customize your kitchen cabinets in any way you like, even the materials they are made from. Also, you can choose the type of wood, style, and finish that you prefer. As well as the best hardware to match it. You have fewer options if you choose semi-custom or stock cabinets. Sometimes, you may not even have any options. Your kitchen will be a more accurate representation of who you are when you can choose the details for your cabinets.

4. Increase Storage Space

Many kitchens have less cabinetry than they actually have space for. Custom cabinets offer the advantage of being able to order any size. You can use extra tall cabinets or tiny cabinets for tight spaces to store everything you need. Custom kitchen cabinets are much more than just storage. A well-designed and built custom kitchen will give you storage space, style, and the ability to choose and create a space that suits the needs of your family.

It is possible to be creative and create a spice cabinet, cutlery cupboard, or island cabinetry. This will allow you to store more than stock cabinets.

5. High-Quality Craftsmanship

Because of the way custom cabinets are constructed and installed, they last longer than stock cabinets. Custom cabinets are hand-made one by one. While stock cabinets are manufactured in large quantities on automated assembly lines. 

You can create custom cabinets using intricate joints, mortise, and mortise. Stock cabinets are often assembled with cheap glues and nails. Stock cabinets are usually just slapped together with these inexpensive glues. This level of craftsmanship will cost you more, but it will provide better cabinets and a higher home value. The French Refinery is the best cabinet company in Tampa that offers the highest quality products. Make sure to contact us whenever you’re looking for Tampa cabinets!

6. Eco-Friendly Approach

You can’t know where the materials came from or how they will impact the environment if you purchase stock. You can choose from eco-friendly, recycled, or wood materials when you order custom cabinets. Also, you can choose from local or national hardwoods to reduce the environmental impact of your cabinets.

7. Consider Your Height

When getting new cabinets, especially custom kitchen cabinets, you need to take your height into account. Some will be adjustable to accommodate lots of different heights. You can create a kitchen that suits your needs without having to use step stools or bend over all day.

For example, some cabinets come with a telescoping bar between the bottom two shelves. This will allow you to lower or raise the top shelf by moving the bar up or down as needed. Other types of lower cabinets may have adjustable legs that enable quick alterations to the cabinet’s depth to make it shorter or shorter depending on your height.

Work With the Best Tampa Cabinet Makers

Custom cabinetry is a popular option for Tampa homeowners hoping to add beauty and function to their kitchen. There are many benefits to this choice, making having a custom-designed cabinet the best choice for some. 

The French Refinery is quick, and reliable, and delivers your custom cabinets with integrity. This is a commitment to service you can trust. The French Refinery genuinely values clients and has the best local cabinet makers in Tampa on hand to help you transform your living space, kitchen, or bathroom. Contact us today.

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