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Bathroom Cabinet Trends in 2022

Bathroom Cabinet Trends in 2022

Are you looking for bathroom cabinet trends? Before you start the remodeling process, it might be useful to look at what is hot in bathroom vanities in 2022. You can create a contemporary space with modern design elements that are elegant and functional while still looking great.

Bathroom Vanities – A Focal Point

Bathroom cabinet trends can be a costly investment. Make sure you plan everything ahead of time. A professional cabinet designer can help you to define and differentiate what you need from the things you want in your bathroom. Bathroom vanities are a focal point in a new master bathroom. It is important to understand how to pick the right one.

This list will inspire you to make smart decisions about your remodeling project as well as spark your creativity!

A Choice of Beautiful Wooden Bathroom Vanities

Beautiful wood grain is the foundation of beautiful bathroom vanities. The 2022 home interior design will bring in nature’s elements and feelings. Wood vanities and neutral colors are at the top of the list. Home remodeling trends are gradually changing away from white and gray finishes and being replaced by warm tones and wooden accents.

Many wood bathroom vanities look great in green, blue, and beige. Wood vanities can also be used in industrial, traditional, or contemporary settings. This finish can be used to tone down a modern bathroom while adding warmth.

Bathroom vanities with woodgrain finishes can be made from upcycled antique dressers or repurposed wood planks.

Designs for Bathrooms: Minimalist

Modern bathroom cabinet trends have a minimalistic look that reduces the amount of “extras” in the space. Don’t put too much stuff on your bathroom vanities, such as fancy soap dishes or cotton ball containers. Minimalism is a recent design trend that may not be as popular for a while. However, this minimalistic look may prove to be very popular and will likely stay around. 

Two sinks in the master bathroom are better than one. For master baths that are being remodeled, double sinks or basins placed on top of extra-long vanities are becoming the norm. This is a great addition to any bathroom remodel. Double sinks can be equipped with two separate vanities to create a separate space for “his” or “hers”. It’s so last year to have to wait for your partner to finish shaving their teeth or brushing them.

Freestanding Basins for Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom can be completely transformed by simply changing the sink, countertop, and vanity. Instead of using a standard integrated sink, consider a freestanding basin. This can give your bathroom a unique look. These basins will be more organic-shaped and oblong by 2022 than they were in previous years.

To avoid cluttering your vanity space, a freestanding basin should be paired up with simple faucets and stylish tiles. There are many options available, so take your time to consult a professional designer before you choose the right basin and vanity for your bathroom remodel.

Wall-Mounted or Floating Bathroom Vanities

The most popular bathroom cabinet trend for 2022 is to mount them on the walls with plenty of space between the cabinet and the floor. This trend is a great option for minimalist decor and adds an elegant touch. Make sure you hide the pipes from the sinks. Otherwise, the vanity will appear to be floating.

Floating or wall-mounted bathroom vanities can be quite large, providing enough space for towels, beauty products, cleaning supplies, and other items. You can also add a linen closet for all your other odds and ends.

A floating vanity can add beauty and dimension to your bathroom, making it appear larger. It’s ideal for tall families, as it provides a comfortable height for all to use.

Create the Perfect Bathroom in 2022

As you can see, bathroom cabinet designs are constantly being reimagined to fit the needs of the modern world, and that trend will likely continue for some time. Don’t just think in terms of your current bathroom. Think of the possibilities. For this room, your possibilities are endless – seriously! The French Refinery provides people with high-quality products to create your dream bathroom.

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