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Benefits of Buying Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Florida

Benefits of Buying Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Florida

The advantages of custom kitchen cabinets in your Florida home include greater personalization, longer shelf lives, and numerous other benefits. Custom kitchen cabinets will certainly cost more as compared to semi-custom kitchen cabinetry or stock cabinets. But in certain instances, they’re definitely worth the investment. It is important to determine whether you have to shell out more for custom cabinets, or if semi-custom or stock cabinets better fit your needs. 

What Is the Difference Between Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Stock Cabinets, and Semi-Custom Cabinets?

Custom cabinets are built in the kitchen at your home instead of being constructed in advance and then offered as-is. By itself, the term custom cabinets does not necessarily mean better, as most people think. The quality of the custom cabinets is contingent on the materials as well as the installation process and other aspects. In most cases, customized cabinets will be the top quality option. It is due to the fact that we will design your custom cabinets based on your kitchen specifications and needs. Also, they typically include superior quality wood and workmanship.

Stock cabinets are made in advance based on the standard sizes of cabinets and then placed on shelves, waiting for customers to purchase them. This is why it’s easier and less expensive to purchase stock cabinets.

Semi-custom cabinets are constructed before being purchased. They comprise unfinished parts that can be customized according to your preferences prior to installation.

4 Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Florida

Customized Cabinets Fit Any Style, Shape or Size of Your Kitchen

Custom cabinets are highly sought-after because they’re built to meet your needs. You can design your kitchen to suit your lifestyle, preferences, storage needs, cooking habits, and the unique shape of your kitchen. If you are looking for modern and creative storage options that can make better utilization of space, custom cabinets are a great option. The French Refinery, and its team of cabinets makers offers the best custom kitchen cabinets to fit your Florida home. 

You Can Choose The Materials

Custom kitchen cabinets can be customized in every aspect, including the materials used in their construction. It is your responsibility to choose the kind of wood, design, and color you’d like. You can also choose the type of hardware that best compliments it. 

When you get the opportunity to select the elements which go into your cabinets, your kitchen will be a better representation of you.

Increase Storage Space

A lot of kitchens have less cabinets than they actually have room for. This is due to the fact that the size of a stock cabinet fits the needs of the average kitchen. However, kitchens have all shapes and sizes. This means that almost every kitchen will have empty areas left where stock cabinets can’t fit. The benefit of custom cabinets is that you can get any size you’d like. Cabinets that are taller or smaller eliminate wasted space and provide you with all the storage you want and more.

Higher Quality Craftsmanship

Custom-built and properly installed cabinets will last longer than standard cabinets. Stock cabinets are built by assembly lines, while custom cabinets are built specifically for you, each one at a time by hand. To make custom cabinets, we use dowels, intricate joints or mortise and tenons. Whereas, stock cabinets are typically assembled using glues of varying quality and nails. It will cost you for the quality of this work but it will pay off with a longer-lasting cabinet and an increase in the value of your home.

Get Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets Today

The French Refinery, a professional kitchen cabinet designer in Florida can help you get the most out of your custom kitchen cabinets. Look through our gallery of custom cabinets for kitchen and bath designs to find the perfect look for you! 

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