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Cabinet Finishes: Stain Vs. Paint

Cabinet Finishes: Stain Vs. Paint

The main focus of kitchen cabinetry is on the finishes. Although you will be impressed by quality materials and dovetail corners in your kitchen, the front of the cabinet is what will draw the most attention. You will need to decide whether you want your cabinets to be stained or painted when choosing cabinets for the kitchen. There is no right or wrong choice. It all comes down to personal preference. Are you unsure which cabinet finishes to choose? This guide will help you decide which cabinet finishes are best for you.

Cabinetry Painted

There are many options when it comes to the colors you can choose for painted cabinetry. To get the best of both, you can choose to go bold with dark colors, be subtle with all-white, or opt for a two-tone look. Here Are The benefits of Painted Cabinetry.

Paint Offers a Clean Aesthetic

Many homeowners prefer to use all-white cabinets. However, any paint color can give a kitchen a clean and modern look. Paint is also great for homeowners who want a perfect finish but don’t like the stained wood characteristics.

Paint Allows You To Go More Colorful

Painted cabinets can be bold and dramatic with bright colors or subtle with dark colors. You have more options to personalize the appearance and feel of your kitchen with paint.

Paint Hides Character Feature

Paint is thicker than stain so it doesn’t absorb into wood as much. You shouldn’t paint cabinets if you want to see wood grain and knots. You may be able to see grain imprints in woods like oak and hickory but they will likely be covered up by the paint.

This cabinetry is great for those who like modern, clean cabinets. However, wood lovers who love the natural beauty of wood might find it a problem.

Paint Can Be More Expensive

You will see that painted cabinets can cost up to 10-15% more than stained. This could vary depending on how large your kitchen is. However, it is worth the effort to achieve the look you desire with our custom-designed kitchen remodel.

It Is Harder To Touch-Up

It can be difficult to touch up old paint. It is possible to not know exactly what paint color was used on your cabinetry. Paint companies such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams may not be able to match your cabinetry exactly if you order custom cabinets. Professional cabinet makers also spray paint, which gives a smoother finish but is difficult to duplicate with a touch-up kit.

Cabinetry With Stain

Stained cabinets are a wonderful choice if you like the natural look and feel of wood grain, knots, or the warmth they can add to a space. You can use stained cabinetry in traditional and modern farmhouse styles.

Stain Highlights Wood Features

Stain is not like paint and won’t take away from wood’s natural beauty. The stain is absorbed into the wood’s surface and can enhance its natural beauty and character.

Stain Can Be Easily Touched Up

Touch-up markers can be used to touch up stained cabinets. Even if the color you are looking for isn’t exactly matching, it is possible to find a color that matches and blends well with your cabinet stain.

Stain is Usually Less Expensive than

Custom cabinetry costs are determined by many factors such as the size of your kitchen, the type of wood, and the finish you choose. While stain is generally less expensive than paint for most jobs, custom options can be more expensive.

We want you to love your cabinets and to feel happy in them. It’s worth the effort to create your dream kitchen every day. You should ensure that you choose a style that suits your budget and look.

Stain Highlights Wood’s “Blemishes”.

We may call it character, but others refer to blemishes. While some homeowners love the wood grain’s character, others don’t like to see imperfections, such as uneven grain or inconsistencies in colors.

Stain allows wood’s unique features to be seen–for the better or worse.

Don’t Hide Dust Well With Dark Stains or Paint

This is a problem with both dark stain paint and darker colors. Although cabinets with lighter colors are more susceptible to staining and chipping, they can hide dust better than dark ones. Dark cabinets are more susceptible to dust, so they may need more maintenance .

Custom Stained or Painted Cabinetry

No matter which kind of cabinet finishes you choose, updating your cabinets is always an excellent way to design your dream house. We can help you design or update your kitchen. We can design custom cabinetry. Call Us today to schedule a consultation for a cabinetry-design consultation.

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