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Custom Built InsA built in style of cabinetry takes a wall unit to the next level and adds in a massive amount of storage for your home. If you are seeking a greater sense of organization and you would like to better showcase the look of your interior to enhance your architectural design, custom built ins may be the choice for you. 

A built in cabinetry piece may be the perfect way to stretch your budget. With a professional designer on your side, you will be able to produce a superior quality built in for your dining room, kitchen, libraries, and more. The modern construction touch in these items can save you space with furniture and help you turn empty wall space into unique touches for your home or the perfect storage space to suit your needs. A built in wall unit is a unique touch that is going to provide you with a high degree of style and build in whatever configuration you may want. Whether you are a fan of more traditional styles or you are interested in something that is going to be more contemporary, we have the looks that can revolutionize your home and help you get the best in high style. 

A custom built in can be completed with quality wood onlays as well as metallic fittings for design. Custom built in doors for cabinetry can also be fitted with unique glass, fusion wood, and metal designs, and other touches. No matter what decorative look that you may be seeking, we have a wealth of touches that will help you create a blend for your style. 

Why Should You Get a Custom Built In?

Custom built ins are the perfect way that you can make more use of a free wall in your home or the extra usable space that you may not be using. With the help of a quality custom built in, you will be able to enjoy a greater use of your space and the perfect organizational tool to improve your location. 

Built in cabinetry is the best way to divide zones of your home efficiently and to improve the flow of your property well. With a cabinet frame and the ability to divide zones more efficiently, you can ensure that a custom built in is set up to take on more of your clutter and help your home to stay organized. 

Built in’s can be a useful touch as bookshelves, coffee bars, murphy beds, bunk beds, fireplace cabinets, entertainment units, custom knick knack areas and more. A custom built in is the best way that you can get more space out of a small room and finally have the storage solution that is needed to elevate your space.  

Why Choose The French Refinery For Your Built Ins:

By choosing The French Refinery for your built-ins you will be able to enjoy a greater level of improvement for your home. The custom cabinetry that we provide is built with expert craftsmanship and with the goal in mind of building something that will last in the home of our clients. As we design and install the perfect cabinetry for your home or business it is with the goal in mind of accenting your space and creating an experience that will boost the quality of flow in your home.

We offer excellent customer service as well as the best support for your cabinetry experiences. We can install and design the best built in cabinetry and provide you with the design support that will help you maximize your space to the fullest.

As a team of experienced cabinet makers we are also able to ensure that the best materials are going to be put into use for your built-ins. We can help you customize the design by integrating a wide range of materials that start with high-quality wood, glass, metals, and more. With the options that we have available, you will never have to compromise for the quality of your built in cabinets. 

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We service Tampa, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St. Petersburg, Spring Hill, Bradenton, Parrish, and more. We provide the best cabinetry and built-in support for your home or business. Contact us to find out more about the quality cabinetry that we can deliver for you.

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