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Custom Closet Ideas for Small Spaces

Custom Closet Ideas for Small Spaces

Do you like custom closet ideas for small spaces? Of course, you do! The French Refinery believes that everything you do should be aimed at creating the life you want. Closets today are more than just a place to put clothes. They often double as dressing rooms or sitting rooms. These are some ways you can make your closet more functional, no matter how big or small it is. This article will give you some custom closet ideas for small spaces.

Before we start, think about these questions:

  • Are you looking for a place to relax?
  • Would you like to see yourself in a mirror?
  • Would you like to listen to music or watch TV while you’re getting dressed?
  • Do you want windows you can see out of?

Ideas for a Custom Closet

One of the most exciting things about decorating a new house is the opportunity to get your closets exactly the way you want them. The closets are an extension of your home and therefore can be made as unique as you to reflect your personality and tastes. Custom closet ideas for small spaces rely on clever design to create storage, hanging space, and more.

Use the Vertical Dimension in Both Directions  

Custom closets are designed to maximize space, from the ceiling to the floor. If your ceiling allows, you can use bins on high shelves or roll-out boxes. These areas can be used to store items you don’t use often. If you have enough space in your closet to not have to rotate your clothes, you can use the less-accessible places for shoes and bags.

Consider Lighting

Lighting is key to a well-lit closet. Natural light from windows or skylights is wonderful, but sunlight can cause clothing to fade and reduce storage space. Artificial light is a great option if sunlight is not available.

Remember that artificial light should not be placed between your closet contents and you. For example, integrated shelf lighting. If the light is behind your back, it will cast shadows.

Know Your Wardrobe

Closets are most effective if you plan how you will use the space. Think about how you wear your clothes. Are drawers necessary for folding shirts? Do you hang them on hangers or do you need drawers for folded shirts? Would you rather see your clothes displayed or have doors that are better suited to your custom closet design?

Your closet should be designed to suit you. Consider what you wear and how often you dress. The most frequently worn items should be located at your eye level. Less-used items should go below the eyes and less above.

Closets often have too much hanging storage but not enough drawer or shelf storage. Make sure you include shelves and drawers in your closet.

Don’t Ignore the Floor

Even though you might not be the only one to notice it, the flooring in your closet is important. Carpets are the best choice for warmth. For maximum cleanliness, however, you can use vinyl or wood and add a beautiful rug.

Take a Look at the Essentials

While clothes are important in your closet, lighting is just as important. Our custom closet designers will help you plan where vents, light switches, and access panels should be located in your closet. You might be able to save space by placing the light switch outside the closet.

You may consider adding electrical outlets to your master closet if it doubles as a dressing area.

Combine an Island With Your Walk In Closet

Islands aren’t just for your kitchen. Islands can be customized to fit your walk-in closet and serve multiple purposes. You can lay out your outfits or fold clothes on a flat surface. The French Refinery can install drawers for jewelry, watches, and lingerie storage. You can store your shoes in cubbies beneath. You can even make it multi-functional by adding a pull-out ironing board!

An island is a perfect solution to greatly increase the storage and functionality of your walk-in closet.

Add a Bench

If you don’t have enough space to create a luxurious closet island, consider adding a bench to your closet design. You will have a place to store your shoes, socks, and hosiery without losing your balance.

A bench is also a great option for those with mobility problems. It is easier to get dressed in a comfortable place than to put them on somewhere else. Consider how it may function as you age if this is your “forever home”.

Create a High-Quality, Aesthetic Custom Closet

Your closet is more than just a storage space for your clothes. Your closet can be functional and beautiful, allowing you to prepare for the day or unwind at night. This is your happy space!

The French Refinery is available to help you design a custom closet in your Tampa home. Our designers can design custom cabinets, shelving, paneling, and storage islands to make your closet dreams come true.

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