Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Kitchen CabinetsWhether you are going to be building a home from scratch or you are in need of a refined renovation for your property, we will help you with a wide range of wonderful touches for your kitchen cabinetry. With custom kitchen cabinets, we will help you change the look of your kitchen and revolutionize your designs and space. 

Quality kitchen cabinetry will change the look of your kitchen considerably and help you emulate a wide range of styles. We will help you get a satisfying look for your kitchen. 

Whether you are seeking modern two-tone looks or a more natural and solid wood solution, we will help you get the perfect look for your home. Custom kitchen cabinets will help you showcase your own personal style. As well as regularly transform your room into something unique and beautiful. 



Why Should You Get Quality Kitchen Cabinets?

With quality custom kitchen cabinets, you will completely change your kitchen space. Natural, modern, or rustic look; you will find a cabinet option that is going to help you modernize your space. 

The best quality kitchen cabinets are built out of a strong material that will help you enjoy them for years. A lower-quality cabinet will be designed to provide you with something for looks and not for function. With a quality kitchen cabinet design, you will have a cabinet that is made for ease of use and with the exact dimensions. You have full customization for the look and the function of your space. 


Why Choose the French Refinery for Your Kitchen Cabinets

We want to work with you each step of the way to build a perfect kitchen cabinet solution. By choosing The French Refinery, you will have someone to help you through the design and building stage. We want to understand the look you are seeking. We want to build a solid cabinet configuration and crafted look that will suit your needs. 

The French Refinery’s professional Tampa cabinet makers want to give your business a true personality. We want to truly understand your design and build the cabinets that will help you elevate your kitchen. Whether you are looking for something bold or understated.

Our team of expert custom kitchen cabinet makers have established strong manufacturer relationships to ensure that we will offer the best quality of cabinets. As well as some of the best support for functional hinges, handles, and fixtures. With a massive inventory of color choices, hardware, accents, and more, we will build the perfect look for your kitchen environment. 

We remain passionate about providing the best customer service and offering you support as a complete cabinetry design and installation team. When you hire our Tampa kitchen cabinet makers, you will get more than just a beautiful kitchen. We will give you the cabinets that you will enjoy for many years into the future. Our cabinet makers in Tampa FL love to get creative and we want to understand your vision for the perfect kitchen cabinet setup. 


The Areas We Serve

The French Refinery works in the greater Tampa area to offer professional cabinetry estimates and a massive range of professional cabinetry services. If you are in need of a custom cabinet maker in Tampa, Clearwater, Brandon, Largo, Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, Lutz, Riverview, St. Petersburg, Spring Hill, Lakeland or Bradenton get in touch with us. We will connect with you and get started on the perfect cabinetry design for your dream kitchen! Contact us today!

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