Custom Wall Treatment

Custom Wall TreatmentA wall unit or entertainment center will be built to house a wide range of materials. The quality of an entertainment unit will often improve a room and keep things organized. It will also ensure that you will have a better flow throughout your entire premises. The variety and quantity of entertainment items that you have will require some type of custom wall treatment.

People today are using wall treatments for everything including bookshelves, holding onto electronics, managing the look of entertainment centers, offering a unique lighting source, and more. Introducing a wall treatment to your floor plan is an excellent strategy for maximizing floor space. As well as ensuring that you will be able to readily house items like your books, collectibles, and more with ease. 

A custom wall treatment will be created with the shelving options that you need to house your most precious electronics. Make sure that you will move things around and get the perfect look for your mood.


Why Should I Redesign My Walls?

A custom wall treatment will be built to your specifications. The help of one of these tools will ensure that you can house all of your most important electronics. A custom wall treatment will include the look of a specialty lighting source. It will include high-quality bookshelves, offer support for improvements to your entertainment units, and more. 

A custom wall treatment starts with the creation of a high-quality structure and it will move on to the process of adding adjustable shelves, built-in speakers, unique bar storage, and shapes and heights that are going to work well for your home. 

Working with a custom cabinet builder is one of the best methods to ensure that you will get the top in functionality for your custom wall treatment. Start by determining the room’s overall size and height. Then, expand your options to include high-quality finishes such as metal, glass, and wood.


Why Choose The French Refinery for Your Custom Wall Treatment

If you are interested in a custom wall treatment, choosing The French Refinery is an excellent way that you will get the best quality of materials and some of the most experienced wall unit installers on the market today. The French Refinery is available to design and build the perfect wall units that will work well for your home. Whether you are considering a wall treatment design for an end unit or you need the perfect shelving unit for a hallway area, we are here to help! WE will free up your space and offer you a greater improvement for your home design. 

We have created a massive configuration of wall units, wall treatments, and entertainment centers to suit the needs of our clients. With our experience and the team of experienced installers that we have, we will make sure that you will have the best experience in your wall treatment design and build.  


The Areas We Serve

We serve a wide range of locations including support in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton, Odessa, Lutz, Brandon, Ruskin, and more. If you are considering a custom wall entertainment unit that will suit your needs, we will help you with the best installations. Contact us today to start the design and build process.

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