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Design a Functional Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Design a Functional Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

The kitchen is an important space for home cooks. Although it should be warm and inviting, a well-thought-out kitchen is much more about the workflow than shiny appliances or endless counter space. Custom kitchen cabinetry is a great way to maximize your kitchen space. Your kitchen can be transformed by having the ability to choose the color, shape, and function of your cabinets.

Do you want to design a custom kitchen but don’t know where to start? Do you want to blend the classic with the modern? Are you looking for an elegant kitchen that’s functional, fun, and easy to build? Custom cabinetry can be used in many ways by a home chef to enhance the kitchen’s functionality. The French Refinery will show you how!

How to Design a Functional Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Many home chefs long for a customized kitchen that allows them to cook to their hearts’ content, and entertain their friends and family. How can you make it possible? Custom cabinets with special features!

These are the things you should keep in mind when designing your perfect kitchen cabinets

1. Plan for Socialization

Many home chefs view cooking as a time to socialize and build community. An open floor plan is a great option for this reason.

Nobody wants to be in the kitchen alone! Friends and family should be able to socialize in the kitchen. You want people to feel at ease in gathering around the kitchen and sharing appetizers, wine, and talking.

A custom-built island with high tops on one side can encourage conversation while you cook. But don’t sacrifice all of your space for the high top. You can create a gathering space nearby if you don’t have enough space for the island to grow. This will allow friends and family to still enjoy the fun and socialize.

2. Get in the (Work) Zone

The common “kitchen work triangle” layout is popular. You don’t need to move around when you cook delicious meals.

To create a seamless workspace, think about where you will do your prep work, store your appliances, and where your trash will go. It’s crucial.

A stove that is integrated into the cabinetry can be a seamless transition from your stovetop to your countertops. A panel-ready built-in refrigerator cabinet is another option. It can maximize your kitchen space and make a statement. A seamless, custom panel-ready, built-in dishwasher is a great option.

Be creative. You can design a custom appliance cabinet for your coffeemaker, a low countertop to hold your crockpot or a shelf that folds out for your stand-up mixer.

3. Stay Organized

Custom kitchen cabinetry is a great option because you can create custom storage solutions for your kitchen.

Custom cabinetry is limitless in terms of what you can create. These Include:

  • Custom drawers for silverware and pans and pots or spices
  • Fold-out shelving
  • Glass-front cabinets to display your glasses and dinnerware 
  • Fully customized pantry
  • Turntables made to order
  • Corner cabinet storage

4.  Light It Up

It can be difficult to get enough light into your prep areas. Counters were traditionally placed away from the central light source in the kitchen, creating shadows. But not anymore!

You can install LED light strips easily on the undersides of your custom kitchen cabinet. We can also design your cabinets to project perfect light onto your countertops and prep areas.

When overhead lights are off, under-cabinet lighting creates the perfect ambiance. You can turn them on at night to glow in your favorite colors. This is often possible because you can integrate them into a smart home setup.

5.  Hide Those Outlets

You can design custom cabinets and do custom kitchen wiring. You can integrate smart home appliances and add more outlets to create a modern kitchen.

Hidden outlets are great for those who have all the kitchen appliances at their disposal, or if your island is used as a hub for charging tablets and phones, such hidden outlets can prove to be invaluable. Place outlets wherever you will be using your appliances.

  • Under top cabinets
  • Inside bottom cabinets
  • The island’s other side
  • Inside drawers

Get Your Dream Kitchen Cabinets with The French Refinery

The French Refinery has been creating the heart of your home for over a decade. Our Tampa cabinet makers have unique insights that allow us to offer design ideas you might not have considered. Our goal is to create a stunning and functional space that will enhance your home cooking experience.

Services We Offer

The French Refinery has been creating handcrafted designs that are perfectly tailored to the needs of your family for many years. Our attention to detail, craftsmanship, and reputation as a premier cabinetry brand in the Tampa Bay area has made us a leader in this industry.

Our team will help you create a kitchen you’ll love for many years. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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