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Does A Custom Closet Add Value To Your Home?

Does A Custom Closet Add Value To Your Home?

The wardrobe space is often overlooked when homeowners plan home renovations. Instead, they look for areas that will make a big impression and forget that future buyers may need storage space. A custom closet can increase the home’s resale value. It will provide a better return on investment than other renovations. A custom wardrobe can transform an otherwise empty space into a bedroom. This will increase the value of your home. It adds luxury and beauty to your home. This article will explain how custom-built closets can increase your home’s resale values.

High Return on Investment

Some home renovations do not offer a good return on investment. A customized closet can increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to buyers. The cost of closet renovations can vary. It’s not uncommon to spend $250 per square foot for a walk-in or smaller reach-in closet, and $1,200 for a bigger one.

It Gives The Feeling of An Extra Bedroom

More rooms are a must for house hunters. They are looking for space to grow their families as well as a place to host visitors while they’re in town. Many older homes have very limited closet space. Homes with more bedrooms tend to sell for more. A three-bedroom home in the same area can fetch tens to thousands more than a two-bedroom.

The added bedroom makes the home more attractive to potential buyers. Young families love the idea of being able to grow. Sometimes, older couples want enough space to allow their family members to visit.

A well-organized house is more appealing to buyers when they are looking for a home. Closet space helps with that. Nobody wants to see a closet that is so stuffed with clothes that they become wrinkled and require ironing.

Potential buyers will be able to easily organize all their belongings with a custom closet. Some people prefer a smaller reach-in closet to a larger walk-in. The French Refinery further explains the benefits and drawbacks of both walk-in closets and reach-in closets. Buyers can also see the pride and value you place in your home if you have decided to add in a custom closet. This shows that you care about the little things, and will also take care of the more important, larger items. A home that is well maintained will be more valuable than one that needs care and maintenance.

It Gives You a Sense of More Space

Although you won’t be adding any square footage to your house, a well-organized closet can make any space feel larger. Potential buyers like a home that has well-organized, spacious closets. They believe they have more space. Potential buyers will pay more for a home with spacious closets than a home with cramped spaces.

A system that uses every inch of space can be organized with hooks, drawers, and special racks. Although it may seem like you are cluttering up the space instead of making it open, the effect is actually more efficient and makes the area appear larger, which in turn increases its value to buyers.

Adds Luxury to the Experience

A custom closet is often considered a luxury by many homebuyers. It is surprising to learn that there are homes available within their budget that have been designed and furnished with beautiful, organized spaces. A custom closet can run from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on its features and the area. These additions will add luxury and style to your home that isn’t possible with traditional reach-in shelves or rods.


Custom closets can increase the value of your home and provide space and organization. Potential buyers will also love it because it gives them the opportunity to see a neat house with plenty of space for their belongings. It also adds a touch of luxury. To schedule a consultation and start designing your custom closet contact us today!

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