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FAQs About Closet Design In Tampa FL

FAQs About Closet Design In Tampa FL

There are likely to have many questions if you are thinking about home improvements. The French Refinery is happy to answer any questions potential clients may have. In this article, we’ve answered some FAQs about closet design in Tampa FL

Do I Need A Custom Closet?

If your closet is not functional for your current needs, it’s probably not a problem. A custom closet is a great option if your closet doesn’t meet your needs in terms of organization or storage. You can customize your closet to meet your needs.

What Is The Cost Of A Closet Design In Tampa FL?

The cost of custom products can vary depending on how much material is used, what material is used and how complex the design is. While custom solutions are generally more expensive than DIY kits and wire racks, a custom closet company will still maximize your value by creating products that meet your specific needs and withstand time. We use high-quality, durable materials, provide superior service, and even offer professional installation.

What Is Involved In The Process?

Our custom closet designers will visit you at your home to begin the process. They will take measurements and ask questions to get to know you. They will also measure precisely. The Designer will send you, either by email or in person within a week, design plans and images. You can then review them and make suggestions. After the design has been approved, it will be manufactured to your specifications. Our professional Installer will then schedule a time with you to install a closet design in Tampa FL.

What Material Is Used?

You can make custom closets from solid wood, wood veneer, and more similar designs to choose from. Some custom closet companies use thermally fused laminated composite wood panels.

How Can I Clean My Closet?

This is a great question and one that is often asked. The custom closet cabinets and shelving are made from wood that has been completely encapsulated with thermal fused melamine, which is both scratch- and water-resistant. You can dust the surfaces by using a soft cloth. You can use mild soap and a little water if you need to clean more. When you’re done, dry your surfaces thoroughly.

What Are The Requirements To Make Custom Closet Fit?

There are no restrictions! We will design and build a system that fits your space. We come in and take measurements and ask questions to help you design a storage solution that will work for you. We can build systems that fit into small closets or large closets. If you don’t already have a closet or need more storage, we can build a standalone custom closet. We can create a system that fits whatever you have.

It is important to research before you make any decisions about installing a closet design in Tampa FL. A custom-organized closet can simplify your life and increase the value of your home. We’re happy to answer your questions. Our priority is to make sure you are satisfied with the investment you made in storage space. Call us today to get a free consultation in your home.

Transform Your Closet Into A Sanctuary

Custom Closets can make your home more welcoming, organized, comfortable, and desirable, they are a great investment. It will be easier to decorate your home and avoid clutter. It can make a huge difference in the lives of your family members and others who visit your home.

French refinery works closely with homeowners in Tampa, Land O Lakes, and the surrounding areas to design custom closets in Tampa. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation in your home.

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