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Framed vs Frameless Cabinets

Framed vs Frameless Cabinets

Are you ready for a kitchen makeover? You know that cabinets will play a major role in your kitchen’s transformation. You will soon realize that there are many options available, including a variety of price points and designs. When choosing cabinets, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is whether you want them framed or unframed. Each has its advantages, but here we will help you make an informed decision when choosing framed vs frameless cabinets.

A Closer Look at Framed Cabinets

Framed cabinets have a frame that covers all of the front parts of the cabinet box. This cabinet can also be called the “American Style” or traditional cabinetry.

This measurement is in inches. It is best for transitional and contemporary doors. These cabinets are more stable, making them stronger.

This cabinet offers many benefits, including the fact that the doors can be secured to the frame for extra strength. Framed cabinets attach the doors to the frames and can be adjusted.

Full and partial overlay doors can be used with a framed cabinet. This gives you more design options. Frames can give your cabinet doors a little more dimension.

A Closer Look at Frameless Cabinets

Frameless cabinets are often called “full access cabinets” because they don’t require a face frame. This style is most commonly used in kitchens with a contemporary look or “European” aesthetic. Frameless cabinets look sleeker than frameless cabinets, which have the door attached directly to the box and smooth lines. This cabinet has no face frame and relies on a thicker box construction to provide stability. Frameless cabinets will only accept full overlay doors if the hinges are attached directly to the sides of the cabinet box.

Frameless construction will allow you to see the drawer fronts and doors in flat drawers. This simple design complements many design themes. You can access everything inside because there is no center. These cabinets have adjustable shelves and larger drawers.

Get Help from a Professional

You may still be unsure whether framed vs frameless cabinets are right for your needs. It is time to speak with professionals. They will ensure you get the best quality cabinets and satisfaction with your final installation. You will get the best results by seeking professional assistance with your new cabinets. Contact us today and will get make sure your new cabinets are exactly what you are looking for.

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