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How to Organize Bathroom Cabinets

How to Organize Bathroom Cabinets

Learning how to organize bathroom cabinets is a great way to save time and money by getting everything in its place. Whether you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer or a homeowner who has finally decided to tackle that seemingly impossible project.

This guide will show you the best ways how to organize bathroom cabinets by using dividers and baskets that make it really easy to see and grab what you need.

Use Cabinet Door Space

You can free up space in your bathroom cabinets by organizing items at the back of the door. Also, you can store your cosmetics and grooming tools on a magnetic memo board mounted inside the door. You can find small magnet organizers or hooks that will hold your items. Or attach magnets to the back to keep them on the door.

Cleaning Supplies for Under-Sink

You might store cleaning supplies in your bathroom to make it easy to find them whenever you need them. Keep your under-sink cabinets organized by storing tools and cleaners in a small bucket. To maximize storage space, a two-tiered organizer doubles the amount of storage.

Hang Tools from Hooks

Bathroom cabinets can be organized with adhesive hooks. They are simple and effective. To hang your hairdryer, or brush, mount a few hooks on the inside of your door and save space. Keep hair products close at hand for easy access.

Maximize Your Under-Sink Area

You can make the most of your bathroom vanity‘s open space by using a variety of organizers. Trays are useful for storing bath products and keeping bottles upright. Baskets can be used to store larger items such as towels or extra toilet paper.

Organizational Ideas for Medicine Cabinets

When you have to grab and go, see-through containers are ideal. Acrylic, plastic, and glass holders are great options for organizing your medicine cabinets. To increase storage and keep small items on the shelves, use risers.

Pullout Cabinet Organization

A large cabinet can be ordered with a pullout shelf on the top. The narrow top shelf slides past plumbing and provides space for tall items on the lower level. Every corner is visible with adhesive, undercabinet lighting.

Remove Drawer Fronts

Open shelves with a neat layout make it easy to access towels and toiletries. To transform your bathroom cabinet into open storage, remove the drawer fronts and doors. You can then use the space for displaying baskets or trays to label and sort bath products.

Use Adhesive Cabinet Organizers

You can use magnetic knife strips and adhesive containers to maximize behind-the-door cabinet organization. Stick metal nail tools and bobby pins to the strip. You can use acrylic holders to store various nail polishes and makeup.

Divide Cabinet Drawers

You can use your bathroom cabinet organizers to organize your vanity drawers. To keep your cosmetics and bathroom products organized, use trays and dividers in drawers. You can even repurpose household items like party dip trays. This allows you to keep your lip balm, lotion and other essentials close at hand.

Bathroom Cabinets Organized With Trays

To separate personal items and find shelf space, place trays in a countertop tower. Labels improve cabinet organization and toiletries are easily visible in the shallow containers. To prevent products from being jostled, line the inside of the tray with non-skid vinyl liners.

Mirror Cabinet Organization

You should choose a mirror that you can also use as a bathroom organizer, such as this one that has space-saving drawers that open sideways. This functional storage can be used as a medicine cabinet and is not required to be placed between the wall studs. Protective guard rails allow for easy storage of perfumes and lotions on the shelves.

Contact The French Refinery for Custom Bathroom Cabinets

A well-organized cabinet is a key to a smooth morning and peaceful evening. With clever bathroom cabinet organization tips, you can organize your medicine cabinets, vanity drawers, and under-sink space. These clever strategies will allow you to store more in a smaller space.

At The French Refinery, we want to be your source for custom bathroom cabinets in the Tampa Bay area. Our experience will ensure that the purchasing and installation of your cabinets are as easy as possible. If you’re ready to upgrade your space, contact us today!

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