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Must-Have Custom Cabinetry for Each Room

Must-Have Custom Cabinetry for Each Room

Custom cabinetry doesn’t have to be limited to your kitchen. It can also be used to create unique storage solutions throughout your home.

Do you have a home that needs some extra custom cabinets? With the help of custom cabinets, new doors, and even clever lighting, you can create a completely unique look for your home. Whether you’re redoing your kitchen or bathroom, you know how important it is to always update your home. And there is no better way to do that than with custom cabinets.

Our team at The French Refinery has the expertise to design and build everything you need, from cabinets that fit in the most difficult of spaces to built-ins for your home gym.

Why Custom Cabinetry?

You can forgo bulky furniture at big box stores and create a unique space with custom cabinetry. These are the benefits:

  • Built-In Functionality: From storage in the bathroom to unique solutions that can be used for the bedroom, custom built-in cabinetry makes home maintenance and cleaning much easier. It helps to keep clutter away!
  • Higher Quality: Most furniture you find at large retailers isn’t made with the highest quality materials or craftsmanship. Our custom furniture, including millwork and cabinetry, is made to last.

Unique cabinetry can add value to your home by providing storage and organization features. It can also add a touch of luxury to your home, which can make it a selling point for those who are looking to sell.

A Calming and Serene Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary of peace and tranquility, not chaos. No matter how big or small your bedroom is, we recommend that you create a space for a built-in dresser.

Our Tampa cabinet makers are able to create something unique and custom-fitted for your design with a variety of colors and stains. With custom cabinetry, drawers and shelves, even a small bedroom closet can be transformed into a fashionista’s dream.

A built-in window seat makes it easy to relax and read while also providing extra storage for bulky blankets and quilts.

Bathroom Oasis

Custom bathroom cabinetry can be more than just vanity. Your cabinet does not have to be large or bulky if your bathroom is larger and requires more storage. A sleek cabinet with enough drawers to hold all your products will give you a contemporary look. A little bit of trendy wallpaper can help to bring the whole look together.

Consider installing a small, built-in cabinet with shelves, drawers, and baskets if you have extra storage space in your bathroom.

Floating shelves are a great way to add storage or fill in the space between two mirrors. You can also use them as a display area for other items, such as artwork or luxury bath products.

The Entertainer’s Dream

You can create a focal point for your living room or family with a TV stand that is more than a standard TV stand. A custom entertainment cabinet can be more than a TV stand. You can also use it as a storage solution:

  • Toys for children
  • Movies
  • Gaming consoles
  • Display for collectibles

It can even be equipped with an electric fireplace, making it cozy! You can make it even more convenient by adding a built-in bar, glassware, and mini fridge to the space.

A Decorated Dining Room

Cabinetry in the dining area is an alternative to a China cupboard. It can enhance your interior design and complement the overall look of the space. Functional hidden storage can be added for serving platters, table linens, and dishware.

A Space to Hold Messes

It can be tedious to do laundry, but it will be easier if you have a space to do it in. A laundry room cabinet made from custom cabinet materials is a great way to store laundry supplies, linens, and household cleaners.

To maximize space, you can also add accessories such as hanging rods, pull-out laundry hampers, or an ironing board. With built-in lockers to store each member of the family and a bench that can be used for sitting or storing rain gear, your mudroom can stay organized.

A Great Space for Work

A functional home office can be just as important for many people who work from home, as it is for a bathroom or kitchen.

Custom cabinetry can transform your home into a space that is ideal for remote work. A unique built-in desk with storage allows you to strategically separate your professional and personal lives while keeping them clutter-free. It’s a win/win situation!

Looking for Custom Cabinets in Tampa?

The French Refinery can transform any room in your house with innovative cabinet solutions that will add value, luxury, and functionality. Our cabinet makers in Tampa are able to make your dreams come true!

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