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Pros of a Custom-Built Entertainment Center

Pros of a Custom-Built Entertainment Center

A custom-built entertainment center is the answer to all your home entertainment needs.

Our world is connected and we have access to all media no matter where we are. We prefer the same seamless entertainment experience when we are at home, which is often due to a cable box or video game console, an internet router, or a surround-sound speaker system. Although this sounds like the best way to entertain, it can also cause disorder in your living room.

Putting your router, cable box, or video game console in the perfect spot can be a bit of a challenge. Then there are all the cables and wires that go with it. It can all end up in one, tightly wound ball, or strung around the room, looking like a small-sized power grid. Luckily, it is possible to manage your media hardware and beautify the room at the same time. The solution is a custom-built entertainment center.

Why You Need a Custom Entertainment Center

One size does not fit all when it comes to entertainment centers. The French Refinery can design and install a custom-built entertainment center that will enhance your living space. The French Refinery’s custom-built entertainment centers will fit in the space you have, even if it wraps around a fireplace or door. 

Your entertainment center should reflect your interests. Gamers might have collections to display on shelves. If you have a library or films to show off, you can decide whether to put them up for your guests to see. You can also keep the things you don’t want to see, such as cables and boxes with flashing lights and black boxes, in a place that won’t distract. The French Refinery has its own system to manage cables and cords within its entertainment centers.

The French Refinery builds your custom-built entertainment centers exactly how you want them:

Beauty. Choose from finishes to suit your space. If you wish, we can add crown molding or under-shelf lighting.

Variety. Configure the entertainment center that suits your needs best. You can mount your components wherever you like them and add shelves or drawers to suit your storage and display needs.

Flexibility. Modify the shelving to accommodate new technology or acquisitions.

Durability. The French Refinery’s custom entertainment centers are built for heavy usage over many years. Safety is assured by locking shelf brackets and hidden wall supports, while European hardware and durable construction materials will last a lifetime.

Create Your Own Custom Entertainment Center

To see all of the options available for designing entertainment centers for your living room, you can book a complimentary design consultation with one of our experts. The designer will create an interactive 3D model that allows you to experience The French Refinery entertainment center in your own home. Our team works side-by-side along each step of the process to ensure quality and accuracy in our finished product. Our refined process is what sets us apart, and creates a simple, stress-free project for every customer.

Contact us today if you are ready to organize your devices and style your living room. You will soon have a functional and beautiful entertainment center, which will make media use more fun and easy!

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