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Remodel Guide: Bedroom Closet Cabinet Design 

Remodel Guide: Bedroom Closet Cabinet Design 

Are you ready to redesign your closet? Thinking about optimizing space with a new closet cabinet design? Or are you preparing for a new build or remodel?  Before you decide on a style, material, or layout, make sure to keep these five things in mind.

Evaluate Space Vs. Storage Needs 

You should carefully evaluate the space available. A new closet cabinet design, shelves, or hangers may help utilize the room available. You can have a designer or specialist help you determine the best way to store your clothes, shoes, accessories, and other belongings. A designated space for all your possessions can cut down on the time it takes to get up in the morning and help you keep track of your clothes and other valuables.

It takes skill to create a custom closet that suits all your needs. Find Tampa closet makers and Tampa cabinet makers who are willing to spend the time with you to assess the space and your specific needs. A well-designed closet or other storage solution will reduce clutter and help you keep organized. It will also reflect your personal style. Experienced designers and builders know how to solve the problems that some spaces and wardrobe collections pose.

There are two types of closets to choose from: a walk-in and a reach-in. Each type has its advantages and challenges, but they can both serve your needs.

Reach-In And Walk-In Closet


Prospective homeowners often list a walk-in closet as a top priority. A functional and attractive walk-in closet layout can not only improve the quality of your home but also add luxury and convenience to your daily life.

Walk-in closets are thoughtfully designed to display and organize clothes, shoes, and accessories. Your favorite pieces should be easily visible. Accessory accessories such as valet rods and tie racks or belt racks, jewelry trays, hampers, and mirrors can improve closet functionality.

Depending on how much space is available, walk-in closets may be able to add additional space for homeowners. This could include a lounge area with additional drawer storage and counter space as well as an island with extra drawer and counter space.


Reach-ins are a great choice for rooms with limited space. Reach-in designers overcome space limitations by considering the homeowner’s needs and maximizing space. Hidden compartments, shelves, rods, and racks are some of the solutions to the challenges presented by small spaces.

The designer might choose to use more shelving, cubby space, or baskets for storage depending on the individual’s preferences. Reach-ins may be either an open display or a closed closet with sliding or single-swing doors.

New concepts of closet design in Tampa FL and capabilities have made previously inaccessible spaces accessible. To transform reach-ins perception from being cluttered to chic, creative use of color, drawer type, glass, mirrors, and LED lighting are all possible.

Pick Building Materials

There are many options for laminate finishes, decorative closet cabinet design, drawer, and door styles. You can also choose from different hardware finishes and styles.

Laminate and wire are the two most versatile and long-lasting materials for closet construction. Although most closets use one or the other material, designers can combine both materials in one space.

Matching doors, drawer fronts and molding can be incorporated in many colors of cabinets in Tampa FL. Designers and builders have the ability to use cutting-edge technology and software to show homeowners how their closets will look before they prepare any material.

Show Your Style

Working with a team capable of creating a custom creation offers the chance to add your personal touch. It’s okay to share personal items with builders and designers. This can help them create a home that suits their style and personality.

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We will help you design your next home project, no matter if you’re remodeling or building a new house. We take great pride in our work and use only the highest quality materials to create a product that is truly a work of art. We also source materials locally. The closet cabinet design by The French Refinery will meet all of your expectations. Our projects are built to last.

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