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Whether is fully custom or spec, new-construction projects are our forte. Our unique approach to project management keeps your project moving forward without delaying other trades, while ensuring the preservation of your custom cabinet finishes on an active jobsite. We achieve this by initially installing only the raw cabinet boxes throughout the entire home in as little as a single day, allowing other trades like plumbing, electrical, countertops, flooring and appliances to get to work immediately. This extinguishes the high probability of these tradesmen damaging the fine finish of completed cabinet work by simply changing the order in which these finishes are installed. Think of it as a free insurance policy on your cabinets.

As a new-construction builder, you are the bread and butter of our business, and we let you know how much your relationship means to us by catering to you every step of the way. We can get started working on your project as early on in the process as you prefer.. If you have floorplans, we can get designing cabinetry to provide elevation drawings to get you ahead of the curve and help make important layout decisions prior to your underground services beginning. We are always happy to meet with your home buyer to go over project details, options and change orders along the way, and finish samples can always be provided. Once your project has completed drywall installation, we will come take final measurements prior to beginning production of your cabinets to ensure precise fitment and limit the need for fillers. As craftsmen, we love what we do, and it is that passion that drives a fine finish that you can put your name on.

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