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Understanding Basic Kitchen Cabinet Sizes

Understanding Basic Kitchen Cabinet Sizes

It is important that you spend the time researching information to help you make informed buying decisions. You need to be familiar with all aspects of your kitchen before you decide to remodel or redesign it. Although this can seem overwhelming, you will be able to plan your kitchen layout by researching the available options and standard cabinet sizes. This can help you get your creative juices flowing.

Here we help you learn about kitchen cabinet sizes and help you decide if you need cabinets that reach the ceiling or cabinets that stop well short.

Wall Cabinets Sizes

Wall cabinets typically measure 12 inches in depth. However, the width and height of each cabinet will vary. Wall cabinets are usually 30 inches high. However, they can be as large as 33 inches, 36 inches, or 40 inches. You can also choose whether you want cabinets that extend to your ceiling or cabinets with different sizes and heights. Some wall cabinets are just 12 inches tall, while others are 15 inches or 18 inches high. These are the cabinets you will see above a refrigerator or stove. You can adjust the cabinet’s width to fit the space. Traditional wall cabinets come in sizes ranging from 9 to 48 inches in three-inch increments.

Base Cabinets

Base cabinets are usually 24 inches deep and can be up to 34.5 inches tall. Base cabinets up to 36 inches high are unlikely to be seen since this measurement includes 1.5 inches for the counter. Base cabinets are also the same width as wall cabinets.

Sink base cabinets are the same height and depth as standard base cabinets. However, they come in a variety of widths. There are a variety of widths available, with some variations.

Pantry Cabinets

You can find pantry cabinets up to 24 inches deep. However, they may also be available in smaller sizes. They can be found at heights up to 84 inches. However, a popular size for pantry cabinets is 94.5 inches. This allows you to have the floor-to-ceiling cabinetry that is so common in modern homes. Pantry cabinets typically have a width of 18 inches, 24 or 30 inches.

The specifications above are only representative of the standard dimensions that cabinets provide. You can customize the dimensions you require if you work with a customized cabinet maker. If you would like custom cabinets installed in your home contact us today! 

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