Availa Design Build's Collaboration with The French Refinery

Availa Design Build's Collaboration with The French Refinery

Embark on a journey of creativity and craftsmanship as we delve into the captivating collaboration between Availa Design Build and The French Refinery. Through meticulous attention to detail, innovative design concepts, and a shared passion for excellence, these two powerhouses in the home building industry have come together to turn dreams into reality. Join us as we uncover the magic behind their partnership and how it has redefined the art of custom home building.

The Visionary Behind Availa Design Build



At the helm of Availa Design Build stands Robert Bender, a visionary known for his exceptional taste, keen eye for design, and unwavering commitment to quality. With years of experience in creating luxurious custom homes that blend functionality with elegance, Robert's expertise sets the stage for extraordinary collaborations like the one with The French Refinery. His ability to envision spaces that transcend conventional boundaries and reflect clients' unique personalities is what sets Availa Design Build apart in the industry.

Unveiling The French Refinery: A Beacon of Craftsmanship

The French Refinery emerges as a beacon of craftsmanship in the Tampa Bay area, offering custom cabinetry solutions that elevate every project to new heights. With a hand-picked team of 12 talented craftsmen boasting over 100 years of combined experience, The French Refinery brings unparalleled skill and artistry to every piece they create. Specializing in tampa cabinetry and custom cabinet making, their dedication to quality and precision shines through in each meticulously crafted design.

Why Partner With The French Refinery?

Partnering with The French Refinery opens doors to a world where customization knows no bounds. Builders, designers, and architects seeking excellence in their projects find a reliable partner in The French Refinery's team. From intricate kitchen cabinetry to functional mudroom storage solutions, every piece is crafted with care and expertise. Their commitment to delivering top-notch service ensures that deadlines are met with accuracy, allowing projects to unfold seamlessly from conception to completion.

Full Customization for Every Project

The hallmark of The French Refinery's work lies in their ability to tailor designs to match each project's architectural style and interior aesthetics seamlessly. Whether it's sleek modern cabinets or timeless traditional pieces, their dedication to full customization ensures that every client's vision is brought to life with impeccable precision.

Reliable Service from Concept to Completion

From providing initial elevation drawings and finish samples to meeting with home buyers for consultations and taking final measurements before installation, The French Refinery offers reliable service at every stage of the project. Their collaborative approach fosters open communication and transparency, ensuring that every client's needs are met with professionalism and efficiency.

Stay tuned as we explore how Availa Design Build led by Robert Bender achieved an unprecedented level of custom home elegance and functionality through their partnership with The French Refinery. Follow along as we uncover the secrets behind creating spaces that exude luxury while embracing practicality in perfect harmony.

Elevating Custom Home Elegance

Availa Design Build's collaboration with The French Refinery transcends traditional notions of custom home elegance by infusing each space with sophistication and functionality. From stunning kitchen transformations featuring bespoke cabinetry designs to thoughtfully curated entertainment centers that redefine living spaces, this partnership sets a new standard for luxury living.

Join the French Refinery Partner Program

Are you a builder or designer with a passion for creating unique, high-quality spaces? Do you dream of transforming homes into masterpieces of design and functionality? If so, The French Refinery invites you to join our Partner Program. We encourage you to fill out our discovery form today and apply to start crafting masterpieces together. Embark on a journey of collaboration, creativity, and excellence with The French Refinery. Apply now to begin shaping the future of luxury living.

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